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Find your perfect new pet!! 

Use the link below for our printable adoption application.

adoption app- current as of 2-2017- for website

Chenango SPCA Adoption Fees:

Dog- Altered- $155                Dog- Unaltered- $55 (plus surgery fees)

Cat- Altered- $100                 Cat- Unaltered- $40 (plus surgery fees)

  • Dog- Altered- $155 Dog- Unaltered- $55 (plus surgery cost) Cat- Altered- $100 Cat- Unaltered- $40 (plus surgery cost)
  • If not animal specific, please type 'none"
  • Part 1- Personal Information

  • :
  • Part 2- Prior/Current Pet Information

  • Include: name, species, breed, age and sex.
  • Include: reason why you no longer have the animal.
  • Part 3-General Inquires

  • Part 4-Dog Specific Questions

    Complete these questions only if interested in a dog.
  • Part 5-Cat Specific Questions

    Fill out if interested in adopting a cat.
  • Part 6-Personal References

    List 2 non-family personal references.
  • First Reference
  • First reference
  • Second Reference
  • Second Reference
  • Second Reference

    I certify that the above information is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the CSPCA has the right to reclaim the animal if any given information is found to be false. I authorize the release of veterinarian information related to my current and past pets. I understand that there are costs associated with owning a pet, that the costs can range from $400-$800 annually and that there may also be additional cost due to injury or illness
  • Please type your full name confirming that you have read and understand the above statement.