• Cat or Kitten (unaltered) $40 plus veterinary fees
  • Cat or Kitten (altered) $100
  • Dog or Puppy (unaltered) $55 plus veterinary fees
  • Dog or Puppy (altered) $155
  • Small Animals: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, etc. Range from $15 to $50

Animal Intake

We take in any companion animal (pending intake assessment) in need of a home. There are fees associated with Owner-Surrender animals. Call our Animal Services desk for more information.

We are unable to house reptiles or wildlife but we can refer you to the appropriate agency to handle those animals.

Lost Pet

If your dog becomes lost, please contact your local Dog Control Officers!   DCO List

Lost Pet

Have you recently lost your pet? Please complete this form Lost Reports will be held for 60 days.
  • Be as detailed as possible.
  • Adding a photo is very helpful with identifying the animal.

Wish Book

Looking for a specific type or breed of dog or cat or other small companion animals, complete an adoption application and we will contact you if it comes in.

Adoption Application

  • If not animal specific, please type 'none"
  • Part 1- Personal Information

  • :
  • Part 2- Prior/Current Pet Information

  • Include: name, species, breed, age and sex.
  • Include: reason why you no longer have the animal.
  • Part 3-General Inquires

  • Part 4-Dog Specific Questions

    Complete these questions only if interested in a dog.
  • Part 5-Cat Specific Questions

    Fill out if interested in adopting a cat.
  • Part 6-Personal References

    List 2 non-family personal references.
  • First Reference
  • First reference
  • Second Reference
  • Second Reference
  • Second Reference

    I certify that the above information is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the CSPCA has the right to reclaim the animal if any given information is found to be false. I authorize the release of veterinarian information related to my current and past pets. I understand that there are costs associated with owning a pet, that the costs can range from $400-$800 annually and that there may also be additional cost due to injury or illness
  • Please type your full name confirming that you have read and understand the above statement.

Assistance Programs

The CSPCA offers 5 assistance programs:

Pet Travel Assistance, Full Bellies Pet Food Pantry, Kerby Flea and SNOOP.

SNOOP Application              Full Bellies and Kerby Flea

Contact Programs Coordinator for more information and how to qualify!

Danelle Nolan- or 607-334-9724 x3

For more information and how to qualify, contact our Program Coordinator.

Hours of Operation

We are not open in the morning because our dedicated staff arrives early to clean and feed our animals. It takes several hours to adequately provide the quality care they need and deserve.

Tues., Wed., Fri. 12-4:30 pm Sat. 11-3
Closed Mon., Thurs., Sun.